Pain and Symptom Relief

Take a look in the list below to see if you have any of the symptoms listed.  You may find you have a few symptoms in common with others that have had some improvement by doing the Aches Away & Energize Health Program with Suzanne online, at home.

These are the kind of symptoms we have found have been allieviated in some people who have gone through my Health Program:

Pressure on top of head

Pain in roots of hair in scalp

Foggy sight/blurred vision/auras

Brain fog

Concentration or memory problems

Dizziness or Vertigo

Too hot or too cold


Irritable Bowel

Dry eyes or mouth

Loneliness/feel disconnected

Abdominal pain for no good reason

Muscle pain for no good reason

Joint pain that moves around or comes and goes

Lower back pain for no good reason

Skin pain or numbness

Fluid Retention


Ringing in Ears

Light or Sound sensitivity

Trouble sleeping



Problems with daily activities

Aches Away & Energize Health Program may be beneficial for people with those symptoms above

If you live in NZ Australia Canada or UK and have these symptoms...

If this interests you and you want to learn more about it, you think this offer is right for you, and you want to reduce your pain and wake up feeling energized so you can enjoy your life again, apply for a free Initial Consultation zoom or fb chat on this link and we will figure out if it is right for you and we will go from there.

On the call I find out exactly what’s happening for you. 

I go through exactly what’s in the program options, the prices, and the benefits you get from it.

We can definitely discuss if it is right for you but either way you will go away from our call with options that can help you improve your health plus a Stress Buster Idea Sheet, if you would like it.