Chronic Fatigue

For anyone who has Chronic Fatigue or just Fatigue and how you can help

Fatigue can be part of Fibromyalgia and many other things but can be a diagnosis all by itself, called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. or S.E.I.D.

There is no test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The Dr will rule out fatigue for any other cause and if she/he can't find one, then they diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If you haven't had a diagnosis for your Chronic Fatigue, it's best to get a diagnosis from your Doctor as if the cause is from something that can be treated easily, this should be done first.

So we are going to talk about Fatigue whether it is from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fatigue in Fibromyalgia or any other fatigue your Dr can't diagnose.

Fatigue can follow a bacterial or viral infection, long term stress or a recent very stressful event, having a weakened immune system or hormonal issues can contribute.

Being unable to continue with daily activities from exhaustion is a big challenge.  You can often have adrenal exhaustion which does not leave you much energy for feeling very happy or having much motivation.  Feeling like his is normal in adrenal exhaustion. 

Some people are unable to continue with their work or have to reduce their hours and need more sleep than they used to.  Sleep does not usually make them feel refreshed.   They can often have trouble sleeping even though they are tired.

Memory and concentration problems are common.  Dizziness can occur when changing from lying down to standing or bending over and coming back up.

Other common symptoms with Fatigue are muscle and joint pain, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and sore throat.

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