Aches Away & Energise Health Program

Aches Away & Energize Health Program

For people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

who are Tired of being Tired and in Pain

1- Program Goals:

  • Wake up with more energy in the morning and eliminate the need to sleep throughout the day

  • Reduce headaches and foggy head so you can think clearly again

  • Have less aches and pains so that you can move freely

  • Reduce anxiety, fear and stress so that you can relax and feel at peace

  • Participate in activities and be part of things again instead of watching on the side-lines 

  • Feel normal again so you enjoy doing the things you used to do

  • Learn tools to help you stay healthy in the future without having to rely on endless treatments

2- Program Deliverables/Method - The key pillars

  • 1.  Monthly Assessment Sessions - to assess your pain and symptoms and initially to find out where you are now and what results are important to you.

  • 2.  Personal Tuning Technique™ - we teach you how to do a simple breathing and movement technique that you can do at home, (lying down even when you are tired), that you can use forever.  This means you don’t have to keep paying for treatments that don’t last for long

  • Personal Tuning Technique™ increases oxygen to the back of your brain which can:

reduce your pain, and fatigue and can help clear alot of your symptoms. 

PT Express™ 

Short version of Personal Tuning Technique™  To save time when in a hurry.  Or an option if you want to do during the day.

  • 3.  Pain Neutralization - To release your chronic aches and pains so you can move freely, can help stress levels and deeper breathing. 

  • 4.  Herbal Consult - We use high quality Practitioner only products that can help
    you specifically, to:

    • a) Restore energy so you can wake up energized.

    • b) Decrease inflammation so you can move freely again.

    • c) Replenish vitamins and minerals.  to help energy and restore tissues so healing can happen. 

    • d) Natural pain reducer to help directly with pain levels

  • 5.  Mindset techniques - We use the mind to aid healing and continued health.  This can be thought of as Prayer or Meditation depending on your beliefs.

    • We also practice techniques to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions so you can stay symptom free in the future. 

Suzanne Chappell

Health Coach

  • Creator of the Aches Away & Energize Health Program™ 

  • Director of Personal Tuning for Fibromyalgia and Migraines Ltd

  • Director of Aches Away! Co Ltd Pain Clinic

  • Specialties:

  • Qualified Medical Herbalist & Massage Therapist  - 30 years experience

  • Trained in Colorado USA in Pain Neutralization Technique - 11 years experience 

  • Qualified Coach in Personal Tuning Technique™ - 3 years experience

  • Mindset Work - 30 years experience

  • Invested over $60,000 in training in Natural Health, mostly in the modalities I use in this Program

  • Suzanne has used these techniques successfully to help people with:

    • Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Migraines with aura, IBS,  and Sleeplessness. 

  • Has helped hundreds of private clients with their aches and pains.

Suzanne’s experience with chronic illness

  • By doing Personal Tuning Technique at home, and PNT on herself, taking supplements and doing focused meditation she no longer has:

  • pain in the roots of scalp hair, 

  • IBS, 

  • sensitivity to light and sound, 

  • Migraines with aura, 

  • skin sensitivity,

  • foggy head, concentration problems and memory problems 

  • tiredness,

  • oversensitivity to other people’s energy,

  • lower back pain,

  • neck pain and stiffness,

  • tinnitus,

  • dry eyes,

  • affected by stress easily,

  • trouble sleeping,

  • loneliness/feeling disconnected,

  • pressure on top of the head

  • vertigo

  • and has helped others overcome these symptoms.

3- Our Process
Set out over 12 weeks

8 x 1:1 Consults with Suzanne to:

  • Assess your needs and pain scores every 4 weeks

  • Learn an easy to do Personal Tuning Technique which you continue daily at home

  • Learn the short version PT Express

  • Decide on the Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals you need

  • Pain Neutralisation for aches, pains, PTSD, improve breathing, calm nervous system

  • Final Follow-up Session and assessment

2 x Short Instructional Videos - these will answer some of your initial questions.

3 x Step-by-Step Demonstration Videos for Personal Tuning Technique to refer
to after you have learned 1:1.  These are short and to the point.

3 x Short Mindset videos - written version available

Things you focus your thoughts so you can help your aches and pains and have
energy to do things you used to do.

Movement (gentle exercise) module

Dietary Module

Suzanne (virtually) holds your hand through the program as we know a lot of our clients can be exhausted and can’t concentrate.

Suzanne makes it really easy to do and not much to read or listen to with the whole week to do each module.

24/7 weekdays messenging unlimited support available.

Not everyone needs or may want everything in the Program, if you don't like one thing, you can talk with Suzanne about leaving it out of your Program. 

This Program is designed to cater for different people's needs.  That's why we can't give you a stated price on this website, it varies for different people, what they need and want and their budget.  There is no obligation to buy on the call. It's a free Health Assessment call. Go ahead and book to talk personally with me now:

Book a Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you.

If you live in Australia, NZ, UK, or Canada and have Fibromyalgia or Fatigue...

If this interests you and you want to learn more about it, you think this offer is right for you, and you want to reduce your pain and wake up feeling energized so you can enjoy your life again, apply for a free Health Assessment call on this link and we will figure out if it is right for you and we will go from there.

On the call I find out exactly what’s happening for you. 

I go through exactly what’s in the program and the benefits you get from it.

We can definitely discuss if it is right for you but either way you will go away from our call with options that can help you improve your health plus a Stress Buster Idea Sheet, if you would like it.

Aches Away & Energise Health Program™ with Suzanne