About Suzanne Chappell

Suzanne Chappell is a Personal Tuning Trainer, a specialist in helping people with Pain, Massage Therapist, and also studied Herbal Medicine for 3 and a 1/2 years in England in the 1980's (you don't need to buy products to do Personal Tuning technique).

Suzanne owns Personal Tuning for Fibromyalgia and Migraines Ltd.  Suzanne was the first English speaking person (as first language) that qualified to teach Personal Tuning online or in the clinic.

Suzanne also runs a busy clinic in Whangarei called Aches Away! Co Ltd that works hands on with chronic pain using mostly Pain Neutralization (from Colorado, USA), Contact Care/Flinchlock (from Ngatea, New Zealand) and Massage Therapy. 

Suzanne has brought Personal Tuning to New Zealand and online to reach people in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and UK.  Clients who do Personal Tuning are not expected to have physical treatments at the clinic although some Personal Tuning clients may benefit from one or two hands on treatments if they have some stubborn symptoms.  They are also not expected to buy any herbal medicine or products.  They learn the technique from online videos or 1 on 1 with Suzanne online or in the clinic, and do them at home.

Suzanne found that physical treatments on their own did not help people with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic pain, fatigue.  She learned Personal Tuning to teach these clients that have found not much else helps them.    By practicing Personal Tuning daily herself, Suzanne discovered, her vertigo, headaches, foggy thinking, fatigue and upper back tightness and pain is kept away.

Suzanne looks forward to talking with you about your aches and pains to see if Personal Tuning can help you.