Learn More about the 3 Causes of Fibromyalgia and some Chronic Fatigue

There was a time when I wished I could wake up every morning with lots of energy like I used to, feeling great and get everything on my 'to do list' done.

I was frustrated being tired all the time and the pain in my neck didn't help, it would bring on headaches with auras (little blind spots or lights) that just took the joy out of my day.

Being in pain on top of being tired, I just didn't have the energy left to do much except lie down and fall asleep.  The pain I could put up with sometimes but the fatigue just stopped me from enjoying life.  It made me feel foggy in my head, I couldn’t think properly. 

I really wanted to find something that could help me get back to my normal self again and do things with others.

I found out that these kinds of symptoms happen to people who have these

3 causes of their symptoms:

a) a variation in the Circle of Willis (blood vessels that take blood from the front of the head to the back) 

b) a problem with the back of their neck, like whiplash or whacking their head in a fall, even as a child or poor posture.

c) Long Term Stress.

In long term stress, we breathe shallowly. This means we don't get as much oxygen into our blood when it passes through our lungs as we are not breathing deeply enough to get a good amount.

I whacked my head severely as a child a few times and had concussion falling off a horse as a teenager, causing problems in my neck which made it hard for my blood vessels to carry the blood up past all the problems in my neck.

OMG I have both, I have a history of whiplash AND chronic stress. - A double dose of not enough oxygen! If I had no oxygen getting up to my brain, I would faint so I was just coping…

Thinking about it now, my symptoms always got worse when I was in the middle of a stressful situation, like a breakup or when my father died, which threw me into Vertigo as well.

Here's what I did to help:

1. I do a special type of breathing (not just deep breathing) and gentle movement technique (which I now teach others to do) to get more oxygen into my blood, keeps me relaxed, out of stress mode (and shallow breathing) and the gentle movements help pump blood up past the problem in my neck to my brain.  When the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen it steals blood from the body and that causes cramping and pain.  When I do these breathing and gentle movements daily, they stop my brain from stealing blood from my body and stop my pain.

2.  I use a gentle technique that works with Nerve Reflex to release my muscles.  (I do consults with others, online, showing them where to put their hands to release).   It is long lasting.  It doesn’t hurt.  This helps directly with any pain or tightness in the muscles and joints.  It can help with breathing and PTSD as well.

3. I sleep with the window open, with a security screen on.  I guess I am lucky to live in a climate, even in the winter I can still leave a window open a bit.  Air conditioners and heat pumps don’t bring in fresh air.  I open windows when I can to let fresh air into the house.  I get up and walk around if I am at the computer for a long time as when we sit we get less oxygen into our lungs for energy in our cells.

4. I take myself out of stressful situations and change my reaction to stress.  I do focused meditation on healing and what I desire, which keeps my mood happier and energy lifted.  The Personal Tuning helps both energize and keep me calm too.

These are some of the things that, I keep fatigue, pain and foggy thinking (and a whole lot of other symptoms) away.  I can now do the things I want to do with others instead of missing out!

Overcoming these 3 CAUSES of your symptoms and increasing the blood supply to the back of your brain is the key so you can have less pain and wake up feeling energised so you can go back to doing what you like to do.

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