Why do people get Auras with Migraines?

Why do people get Auras with Migraines?

Why do people get Auras with Migraines?

Auras are any of the sensory changes that happen before a migraine headache. They can affect your vision, hearing, or ability to speak. You could also have muscle weakness or tingling.  The kind of visual disturbances you might get are flashing lights, blurred vision or blind spots in your field of vision (blind spots are not always an aura so see an optometrist or your doctor if you have not had them diagnosed).
Only about one quarter of migraines has auras.
In the Aches Away & Energize Health Program I teach that in people with Migraines with auras there is not enough oxygenated blood going up to the back of the head.  There are 3 reasons for this which we cover in detail.  NB: They have some oxygenated blood going there, otherwise they would faint.
Not enough oxygenated blood can affect your senses like vision and hearing and can be part of the reason why you can get a headache.  

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Posted: Mon 01 Feb 2021