Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Tuning for Fibromyalgia and Migraines

What if I don't have time to do the technique?

Well, it's a bit like brushing my teeth.  I wouldn't skip doing this twice a day or my teeth and gums will suffer.

If there is not enough oxygenated blood going up to my brain, and old blood and lymph not being pumped out, this leads to over sensitivity, headaches, back ache and vertigo for me (and many other symptoms for other people).  It makes sense to not starve my brain of nutrients and oxygen.

Now that I have been doing Personal Tuning regularly, if I allow only 10 to 15 minutes twice a day, it keeps those symptoms away for the day.

The law of Quantum Physics - don't yawn yet!  This law says that what fills our thoughts, we create in our life.  So for anyone that has pain all the time or symptoms that interfere with their life, this is what takes over their thoughts.

What if you could give yourself 10 to 15 minutes twice a day to have your mind on something other than that pain or symptoms.  It can start to create a new reality in your life.

a)  So your mind will be on how many repetitions of these really gentle exercises, the special breathing you do (not just deep breathing) takes your thoughts away from your pain and symptoms.

b)  Not only that, you know you are physically pumping blood up into your brain to feed your brain with fresh blood carrying oxygen and nutrients and around your body to feed the cells in your body.

c)  You also pump old blood and lymph down and out of your head which relieves pressure in your head.

d)  Personal Tuning takes you from fight and flight (Sympathetic dominance) where you breath shallowly so less oxygen goes into your blood to a relaxed state (Parasympathetic) where you can breathe properly and feel more relaxed.

If I wake up to go to the bathroom at 4am or before I usually get out of bed, I do my morning exercises then, except the last two which I do when I get out of bed at 7am so this doesn't interfere with a morning routine.  But...

I have rearranged my schedule.  I have put my health and well being at the top of priority as nothing can get done if I am not well.  My schedule allows time for me to do my morning Personal Tuning just before 7 if I have not done it earlier.

On the one day I have to hurry in the morning, I make sure I wake up 15 minutes earlier as it is worth it to ensure I don't get vertigo, headaches, upper back pain and over sensitivity during the day. 

I make time for the technique for my own healthI decided I am worth caring for.  I looked after a family member with Alzheimers and I know that not enough oxygenated blood to the brain can eventually lead to Alzheimers and Dementia.  This is another reason I make sure I make time for Personal Tuning.

At night, I do Personal Tuning just before I go to sleep.  Even now, my hubby has to remind me to do it - and I teach it!  It helps put him to sleep too! 
If you think it would interrupt any romance at night, just do it before your partner is ready to go to bed or afterwards, when they are falling asleep.  Show them the video you first watched, on the home page of our website, so they can understand why you are doing the exercises.
As long as it is twice a day, this is the only way to get full benefits.  It's the movement of the gentle exercises that pumps blood and lymph out of your head and new blood up into the back of your head and it need to be done twice a day to help with pain in the body. 
Failing morning and night, do you have time during the day?  As long as it is done twice with a number of hours apart, during the day is better than not at all. 
If you miss one by accident, make sure you do the other that day.  This will tie you over (get some blood and lymph moving) but it won't progress you forward to improving the severity of your symptoms.

How do I know this is different from anything I have tried already?

Personal Tuning addresses the 3 CAUSES of why you get the kind of symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Vertigo, Dizziness, some Multiple Sclerosis and M.E.

When you work with the CAUSES, your symptoms can decrease or be eliminated. 

The inventor had severe Fibromyalgia.  He tried everything too.  It wasn't until he thought outside of the square of conventionally treating the symptoms and to look at the causes that he was able to overcome his Fibromyalgia. He combined his knowledge of Physio with the knowledge of two Rheumatologists and invented Personal Tuning. He still does Personal Tuning twice a day as he still has a compromised Circle of Willis (which you can't fix), a history of whiplash causing a poor route for the blood vessels through the vertebrae (which he was unable to fix) and a tendency to stress and over sensitivity.  Personal Tuning overcomes these causes so his symptoms don't flare up and overtake his life again, and keeps him in a relaxed state.  To learn more about these 3 CAUSES you can watch a video just click here.

How do I know I can trust you?

I have been running a clinic called Aches Away! in New Zealand for over 20 years helping people with aches and pains.  I wanted to find something to help with Fibromyalgia and Migraines better than just the manual work I was doing with them.

I found Personal Tuning and learned it to help you.  I discovered by doing Personal Tuning my Vertigo did not return.  I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease which gives you Vertigo.  So I have experienced first hand how it works for me and how it works for my clients.

I created a new company specialising in Fibromyaglia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines etc called Personal Tuning for Fibromyalgia and Migraines Ltd.

How do I get access to the online training videos?

Once you have paid, a password to the members area will be sent to you.  In the menu bar of the website at the centre bottom line look for Log In, click on Log In and enter your password.  You will have access to the training videos and more information videos.

I tried to pay but it didn't work, what can I do?

That's annoying!  So sorry.  I would like to know this is happening ASAP.  Please email Suzanne on or text her on +64274346635 if she doesn't answer straight away she will be in with clients and will answer as soon as she sees your email or text.

If I want to get a refund in the future, how do I do this?

If you do the technique twice a day and follow all the terms and conditions in the refund policy, and none of your symptoms improve more than 50% you get your money back.

If this happens this means the cause of your symptoms was not because of the 3 Causes we talk about in Personal Tuning.  Something else will be causing your symptoms.

For terms and conditions and instructions on how to get the refund click here.

How do I get access to the Private Facebook Page?

There is a PUBLIC (not private) Facebook page here
For the PRIVATE Facebook page:  Once you have paid, you will receive an invite to join the Private Facebook page where you can share your successes, only if you want to, ask questions if you want to, chat with other members. You will receive informational and inspiring posts and reasons to keep you motivated.  If you don't receive your invite, please email:

How do I prepare for your Zoom 1 on 1 training?

(This is if you chose option 2 at checkout and want to be taught the technique initially by Suzanne as well as have access to the online videos.  You don't need to do the following if you chose option 1- learning from the videos.)

Your computer or cellphone with internet needs to be near a place you can lie down so the trainer can see you from head to foot

Use a bed or yoga/camping mat or mattress on the floor.

Use 2 x thin pillows.  Or one thick one if you don't have thin pillows.
Wear loose fitting or stretch shorts or trousers (not a dress or skirt).