New to Whangarei

Who do you know that is suffering muscle pain, joint pain, depression, over-sensitivity, fatigue or migraines?  Personal Tuning may be what they have been searching for.

Suzanne Chappell who also runs Aches Away! wanted to find something for her Fibromyalgia clients that made a big difference.  Nothing seemed to help as much as she wanted.  She went on holiday to the hot pools in Matamata and met a lady cycling around NZ who told her about a Physiotherapist Hans Timmerman in Holland who has helped thousands of people overcome their pain and symptoms with Personal Tuning.  It's a self help technique done daily to help circulate blood and lymph and help switch from being stuck in fight and flight sympathetic dominance to a more relaxed state.  It's easy to do and seems to help a lot of people with their chronic pain.  Suzanne learnt from Hans how to teach it to others.

She offers it online with the option to learn from simple instructional videos or 1 on 1 instruction.  She can see people in the Aches Away! Clinic in Whangarei N.Z. as well.

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Posted: Tue 11 Feb 2020