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  • Private Online Consult & Access to Online Training Videos
    83.5% off for a limited time
    You get:
    1. 1 x 45 minute Online Zoom or FB Chat Consult (worth US$97 but you won't pay that)
    2. Access to the gentle Personal Tuning exercises online with the easy to use instruction videos. (worth US$997 but you won't pay that)
    3. Downloadable 2 page memory jog/cheat sheet. (worth US$49 but you won't pay that)
    4. You have free access to the PRIVATE Facebook group for inspirational posts and if you want to ask questions, share successes or your story, be part of our Personal Tuning community (Invaluable)
    5. 2 x email check in follow ups.
    6. 1 x 45 minute Zoom or FB chat follow up (worth US$97 but you won't pay that)

    You have a money-back guarantee (see refund policy)

    You pay only US$197 or
    If you want to pay in 16 x US$12.97 weekly payments (no contracts, we trust you to keep up your payments) Go back 1 page to Book a Consultation page, and scroll down for the 16 payment button.
    US$ 1,240.00
    US$ 197.00
  • Private Online 1 to 1 Training & 2 extra follow up private consults
    This is an add on and is only available if purchased with Option 1 at same check out.
    You get Option 1 plus:
    1. 1 x extra 45 min tagged onto the end of your initial zoom or FB chat consult to teach you the technique in a 1 on 1 training which takes this consult to 90 min.
    2. You still have access to the online training videos (as in Option 1) in our members' area.
    3. Access to simple step by step instructional videos so you can revise.
    4. Download a 2 page memory jog/cheat sheet.
    5. You still have PRIVATE Facebook group access to ask questions and interact with others.
    7. 2 x 45 min extra Zoom or FB chat private 1 on 1 follow ups (instead of the 2 x emails in Option 1).
    You still get the 1 x 45 min follow up mentioned in Option 1.
    8. You have a money back guarantee (see Refund Policy)
    US$ 594.00
    US$ 297.00