Why are some people sensitive to Light, Sound and have Skin over-sensitivity?

Why are some people sensitive to Light, Sound and have Skin over-sensitivity?

Oversensitivity to Light and Sound and Skin oversensitivity

The thalamus sits in the middle of the brain and it’s main function is to relay motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex.

Signals from the body go to the Thalamus first like letters going to the Post Office for distribution.  Then these signals are distributed to where they need to go in the cortex of the brain.

20% of the brain's blood goes up through the back of the neck.  80% goes up through the front and gets distributed to other parts of the brain via the Circle of Willis.

The Circle of Willis takes blood from the front area of the brain back to the middle and back of the brain.  A lot of people have anatomical variations to their Circle of Willis.  If you have an anatomical variation to your Circle of Willis (where it does not distribute the blood well) plus have had whiplash or bad posture or a reason to slow the blood passing up through the back of your neck or long term stress, then there can be a problem.  

The Thalamus must have fresh oxygenated blood to function.  If the Circle of Willis is not distributing blood as well as it should to the Thalamus, the Cortex does not receive the sensory information it needs.  The letters don’t get delivered.

The visual (for eyes) and audial (for sound) cortex (in the brain) start to grow more neurons to try to get the information it needs. 

So, a small stimulus, that others can handle, seems overwhelming to us, as we now have extra nerves to pick up what we are seeing/hearing/touching.

So your sight can be affected like not being able to cope with bright lights. Your skin becomes sensitive to touch.
Noises can affect you.

The hands and feet also become more sensitive as we have an underlying stress that makes us more sensitive to pain.

We end up being oversensitive to light, sound and in the skin.

When you take morphine or pain medication (this is not to put you off taking pain killers when you need them), the cortex gets even less information.  This can encourage the cortex nerves to grow even more.

In the Aches Away & Energize Health Program I teach a gentle self help technique you do lying down which pumps oxygenated blood up to the back of the brain and Thalamas so the signals can be sent to the cortex properly again.  The letters can be delivered. 

Then we can start to decrease the oversensitivity.

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Posted: Sun 08 Mar 2020